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Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2018

Kidulting @ Gardenia!

 I feel so excited whenever there are events that will allow me and my kids to have some bonding time. When you are a mom of 3 it is honestly hard to divide you attention and time to them but I think I almost mastered it at this time. Last May 4th we were invited by Gardenia Ph for a whole day of fun and enjoyment!

Did you know that ‘Kidulting’ can be a parenting style?

Gone are the days when fun is reserved only for kids.

Adults are now trying to recapture their childhood experiences through playing console games or visiting their favorite kid theme park or having a spontaneous night of pajama party. This trend, known as kidulting, is a way to relive the best childhood memories, to temporarily escape adult activities, and to remember the good, old days of being carefree… because who does not want to, right?

But is kidulting for single adults only? Of course not! In fact, kidulting can also be a method of parenting where adults and kids bond together in activities they can both playfully participate.

Here are some kidulting ideas that are simple, accessible, and affordable but worth the try!

Paint and Create

Creating art together with your children is definitely a proven stress-buster while fueling the creativity of your kids.

Play the Role

Seeing your kids play as a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer inspire you to work harder to give them a better future, right? But what if you join the fun? Try to pretend as the doctor’s patient or the engineer’s client or the lawyer’s colleague. You will see how promising your kids are with their witty reasoning.

Bake it free

Remember the times when you did “pretend play” with cooking or baking? You can actually play again with your kids or level up and teach them to bake and maybe you’ll discover the genius baker within them.

While we were in the tour we got to taste Gardenia Pocket Sandwich na ang sarap sarap at ang lambot ng tinapay! This was a new discovery to me st happy ako kasi mura sya at masarap. I'm 100% sure na kakainin ng mga bata at mga isip bata!
For only Php12, you are assured of an innovative, fresh and yummy goodness that is available in 4 flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, and strawberry pastillas, that your kids and kid-in-you will love!

Kidulting as a parenting style will enable your family to practice the sense of familial inclusivity for a home treasured by everybody. After all, family team work makes the dream work.

Kayo momshie what kidulting styles do you do with your children?

Thanks for reading!
Mommy Dane!


Miyerkules, Marso 21, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday Kael!

     For me birthdays will always be Special kahit ilang taon pa yan! 

Dapat merong cake na iboblow and atleast merong mga taong kakanta para sau. As I became a mom to Kyla naging hobby ko na ang mag organize ng party, kung may mga fashion guru para sa mga fashionista ako naman yung party guru hahaha! Lahat yata halos ng kakilala kong mommies alam yan, I am so addicted to parties (kiddie parties) and so lagi din kaming present sa lahat ng birthday parties na invited kami syempre bawal mg gate crash. Kung meron man akong luho yun siguro yung birthday parties ng mga anak ko. Lahat yata ng pakulo sa kiddie party na try ko na.

   Kyla celebrated her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th birthday parties with clowns, magicians, balloon show, puppet show, ventriloquist and all that. Wala naman akong ibang matatawag na luho kundi eto lang. I love seeing my kids very happy on their special day pero dahil nga tatlo na sila this time hindi man kasing bongga sa birthday ni ate I always make sure na kahit papano meron ding party si ate niela and si kael. I want it to be very memorable for them.

A few weeks ago Kael turned 2. His birthday party was  held with Atina’s 7th birthday party (my bunsong kapatid) last March 2nd @ Wack Wack Royal Mansion Roof deck and we had  another mini celebration on the real day of his birthday March 7th 2018. Here are some pictures from their birthday celebration.

  Up until today whenever kael sees a cake or hears a birthday song he would consistently blow the cake and sing a happy birthday. At his age feeling ko naappreciate niya na yung party niya kasi tumanim sa isip niya yung mga nangyari nung araw nayun and that makes me feel happy. Ganun yata talaga pag nanay ka na, wala kang ibang kasiyahan kungdi makitang masaya yung mga anak mo.

I was a bit sad though kasi may lagnat si Kael on his real birthday, he wasn’t grumpy naman kaso I was worried dahil ilang days na syang may lagnat but Thanks God he is all good now. I wish that he will be healthy all the time. Yun lang wala na akong ibang mahihiling pa. I promise to be a better mom to him and to ate kyla and ate niela everyday.
This was Kael’s mini birthday party at home with friends and relative. Ang liit liit ng mansion naming kaya crowded kami nung birthday niya haha yung iba nasa labas na ng bahay.

  Salamat sa lahat ng pumunta at nakisaya samin on both parties. Salamat sa mga tumulong. Salamat din sa pa cake at pansit na mayora at vice mayor, mas nakatipid kami hahaaha. Salamat sa mga sponsors ni Kael Mama Net,  Papa Pen,  Mama Sion and Papa Rito. Pinaka sa lahat Salamat kay God for giving us Kael. Salamat din sayo kasi nagtyaga kang basahin to!

Mommy Dane 💞💞💞💞