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Miyerkules, Setyembre 18, 2013

What is the Gender?

We are so excited to have my 3d/4d ultrasound.

We really Wanna know the gender of our 2nd baby. I get few comments though if it is a girl or a boy, well we have been praying for a baby boy since our 1st baby is a girl.

We can't wait for to know your gender baby, We can't wait to see you. Please be cooperative tomorrow haha!!

Well I always get this result

Predict Your Baby's Sex

The Chinese chart says you're having a boy!

hahaha!!! I know ambisyosa ako pero sana nga baby boy!!

See you tomorrow baby!!

Sabado, Hulyo 20, 2013

blog blog din pag may time # part 2

blog blog din pag may time # part 2

It's been a while since the last time I visited this blog. I was so busy with the birthday preparation of kyla kaya di ako gaanong nakakasilip. Syempre nakakamiss din mag blog noh. I hope I will always have the time to do so.
me kasabihan nga na
pag gusto me paraan pag ayaw me dahilan!
hahaha - sadyang mahirap lang isingit for now at maraming gawain.,pero I won't stop blogging that's a guarantee.

Teka nga lang! - me tanong lang ako ....
nung ist pregnancy ko di naman ganto Y AM I TOO EMOTIONAL this time? mayat maya nalang naiyak,.,.

nakakainis na din

any insights ? bloggers? readers? moms to be? mommies?

Thanks all!!

Biyernes, Hunyo 14, 2013

blog blog din pag me time! LOL

blog blog din pag me time! LOL


halow friends and readers!! been so so busy preparing for kyla's 7th birthday kaya hindi ko na naupdate ang blog masyado but i promise to do so..

kumusta po kau ? I hope that everyone is doing well.

I'm on my 2nd trimester na pu :) and my tummy is growing bigger everyday :)

Ate kyla is in grade 2 na din and she is getting brighter everyday!

kau readers how r u po ?

Lunes, Abril 22, 2013

Happy 27th Birthday Didi!! :)

Happy 27th Birthday to the man who gives his best for his family!!

salamat sa pagiging best didi in the world!!
kahit na naglilihi ka ngayon love pa din kita hahahaha

Thank you babe for loving us and thank you for being understanding too

salamat sa pagiging masipag at salamat sa pagtitiyaga sa maganda kong ugali!!


Babe der may be times that I am so frustrating but thank you for still understanding ha sana din di ka magsawa sa mabait mong asawa at sa makulit mong anak at sa mga susunod pa nating anak.  

5254 didi : wag mambabae ah!! rmeind urself always!! LOL

mwah .,.

o xa uian na eehh .,., c u in a bit labyah!!

again didi happy 27th birthday ulit!! cheers! shot na boy!!

Biyernes, Abril 19, 2013

outfit of the day # 2

hi mummies!!

good day to you ol!


this is my outfit for today..

skirt,corset and blazer from tiangge and shoes from s&h

waaaahh di pala kita shoes hahahaa..

I''ll take pictures ulit mamaya LOL

kayo mummies what is your outfit for today?

Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

Nini Ate na ko!! :)

Last week, I called didi's phone to know kung nakapasok na sya sa work at kung nahatid nya na si kyla sa bahay ng parents ko,.,.

It was'nt did who picked up the phone but it was someone who said:

"Nini ate na ko!!!"

Yes!! It was kyla!!

Loud and Proud she told na na ate na daw sya by then di pa confirmed that I am pregnant.,., It was just so amazing that she loves the fact na magiging ate na sya kasi dati she never liked the fact gusto nya sya lang ang baby namin.,, 

What is more amazing is that she would constantly kiss my tummy and would always remind me to stop facebooking but instead read about how i can keep the baby healthy and happy.,.I was so touched .,., kakatuwa lang na love na love nia na si baby kahit na nasa tummy pa sya,., kyla would even check on my pregnancy tracker apps and then ask kung gising ba si baby and she knows that it will take 40 weeks for the baby to come out.,,

Ate kyla thank you for being nice and lovely to our baby!!

Nini and Nidi are proud of YOU!
We love you so much Bebe!

YEs I am PregnanT!

I have been out of blogging for the last few days, aside from the fact that our ipad's charger is not working .,...
I have been very very busy trying to figure out someting! and that's because I have been feeling so so different within the last few days.,., and on the 10th of April my ob confirmed it I am 4-5 weeks pregnant!!

Yuhhoooooo!! Finally After 10 months of trying we were able to conceive!! We are very happy and excited at the same time..anytime before Christmas Ate na si kyla!!
Well how did i find out?

Hmmmm last Monday the 8th of April (this should be the day that I will have my period) I bought a Pregnancy test and used it in the afternoon..
Well it was filled the first line completely but the second one was faded,.,. I have bee buying pt's from time to time whenever I am delayed for 2 days or more but I never got this kind of result .,., so I was confused .,.,

The next day as early as 8am i woke up didi so we can buy pt sa nearest mercury drug and para ist wiwi yung makuha ..,., so we got medic .,,

At home I rushed to the cr to test ,.,. I got almost the same result but the 2nd line is more of completed rather that faded so I told didi it is positive!!
but since we are not completely sure if it is correct I went to my Ob the next day to have a check up .,,

And charan!!! It is indeed positive! I am now 5 weeks pregnant!!!

We are very happy and xempre even Kyla is so happy about it.,.,
she is so excited that she kisses my tummy from time to time and keeps on asking me when is the baby coming.,.,

Thank you LORD for the blessing and early gift na rin for didi's birthday on April 22nd and for my birthday on April 29th.

Biyernes, Abril 5, 2013

1st outfit of the day post.,,. LOL

Hi as promised I will post na my outfit of the day .,.,.,,

Jacket and dress from tiangge ( hahahaha Lahat nmn ng gamit ko from tiangge eh,.,. ) pero atheist cutie pa din heheheh ,.,.,

Feeling ko tlga ang payat ko jan sa picture na yn,.,.,

Huwebes, Abril 4, 2013

It is Enrollment again :)

Kyla is turning Grade 2 na this June....

Wow! dalaga na tagala ang baby ko parang kailan lang nagbebreastfeed lang sya sakin tapos ngayon grade 2 na. Dahil nga mag gregrade two na si kyla syempre enrollment muna bago maging grade two wahhhhhhhh bayaran na nmn kelangan ng maraming anda for the enrollment.,.,

kelangan namin ng maraming sideline para maraming kita para me pang enroll na hehehe kelangan din ng maraming ot haahhhahaa...

this picture was taken last year - few days after the beginng of class, as seen me name tag pa si kyla hehehe.,., Kyla is known at school as Michaela kasi masyado nang maraming kyla sa room nila..


what bout u mommies when is the enrollment of your kiddos?

Miyerkules, Abril 3, 2013

"Ulam for the Day:

"ulam for the day"

hi bloggers!! -

I'll make sure to blog about our ulam everday hope to have much time as well at sana walang gaanong gawain. I love cooking even if di nmn ako love ng cooking most of the time naman it tstes good daw sabi ni didi saka ni kyla pero baka nga sabi lang nila,,..hahahaha.,.,

so far sa 1st month stay nmn sa aming little home nakapgluto na ko

  • tinolang manok
  • sinigang na baboy
  • arroz ala cubana
  • noodles plus tinapa
  • miswa with patola and tuyo
  • ginisang amapalaya plus tilapya
  • chicken curry
ala ka di ko na remember yung iba pero eto yung mga naluto ko na.,.,

yummy lahat yan ahh parang yung nagluto lang

the other day when i went home since si didi yung asa bahay he cooked Ginisang repolyo plus tilapya! oh diva pati si didi natutu na heheheh..,

mamaya ko na inset mga image nito a ..,,

i'll be back in a bit!!


Sinampalukang chicken,.,., yamyam!!

Ginisang ampalaya plus tilapia and mango for dessert

kHLaren @ 18 (masquerade party!!) 03/31/2013


Party planner lang ang peg ko for the month of March para sa 18th birthday ng pinsan/kinakapatid ko. The party went well though der were glitches I know that the Debutant enjoyed every minute of it!

the Debutant Khlaren with Kyla

The program includes:

18 rose
18 balloons
18 candles and
18 gifts

I'm with the babe,.,.,

The cake,.,

Aes ,.,

,.,., didi as one of the 18 roses hehehe

Babae ang peg ni Kenneth .hahaha,.,


Brixther and Khlaren

I'm one of the 18 gifts

Martes, Abril 2, 2013

Why I have'nt started a post for Outfit of the day! .,,..,

bakit nga ba ?


kasi naman nitong mga nakaraang araw parang ala ako sa mood magdamit ng maganda pero bukas talga i'll start hehe nakikiuso lang ako sa mga bloggers na nakikita ko .,., they have a section in der blogs for Outfit of the day! I'd love to have one 2 so dapat makapg start na ako tom.



excited na kong mag post ng mga picture picture ng Outfit of the day,..,.,.,

Sabado, Marso 30, 2013


Hi babe!,

Happy happy MONTHSARY po thanks for staying the same and sorry for the bad things I didn't mean to do but I was able to hahahha,.,.thank you sa Lahat ng effort mo sa pagiging good daddy Kay kyla at pagiging good husband ke nini,.,.sana wag kang magsawang umintindi sa mga topak ko heheheh,.,.,



Miyerkules, Marso 27, 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday

I am just as happy as i can be !! kasi nga approved ang leave ko for tomorrow that means to say I get to spend GOOD FRIDAY at home.

What do we usually do or ritually do on a GOOD FRIDAY ???

1. We will watch pinentesya till noon

we'll we do this every year kaya it's so hard to miss it mula bata pa ako hanggang mag dalaga at ngayong me anak na ko... I watch it with them now...


our pabasa would start 5 in the morning thursday and should end atleast by midnight or more or less


3. We will watch SIETE PALABRA

my good friday will not be complete if i will won't watch siete palabra
this is one of the most awaited scene sa aming lugar pag byernes santo


Well yes!! I had to put alay lakad at the bottom of the list :( kasi naman si didi ng rerequest na pupunta daw sila ni roy sa quiapo para sa pasan cruz, and I can't say no to that since bf/gf days deboto na kmi ng quiapo so go lang!!


 ikaw? how will you spend your BYERNES SANTO ?
i'd love to hear your response.

Martes, Marso 26, 2013

Summer Class for Kiddos

Summer Class for Kiddos

h! mommies!!

Have you decided saang summer class nyo ieenroll mga kids nyo or what kind of summer class? gusto kong ienroll si kyla sa voice lesson kaso parang too much nmn ang almost 15k sa summer class lang?

do you have any recommendations kung san maganda?

Sa abs CBN and metropop medyo pricey ..,,

thanks in advance readers !!

Lunes, Marso 25, 2013

My IG (instagram) cover photo

Hi Mudjangs!!

Look what i found!!

This is my Ig cover photo! Wow prang Fb lang ah me cover photos

anyways it consists pu ur 50 most recent pictures

so cool and cute at the same time.,.,

Ikaw how does ur cover photo looks like?

ooppss you might want to follow me sa ig .,.,
dane relente is my username pu

Thankss .,. :)


Sabado, Marso 23, 2013


Let me introduce to you my 4th sibling kenneth,.,.topic for today GANDANG DI MO INAKALA / THE EVOLUTION OF A MAN!!!

Eh sino b nmn talagang mg aakala na yung much ang itlog noon e mas babae pa sa babae ngayon???

Sa first pic yan si Kenneth yung mama ang Asa dulo,.,.ung malaki ung face,.,
Sa 2nd pic yun nmn xa ung naka spaghetti dress
Sa 3rd picture binatilyo na xa at Kasama pa si kyla

At ang 4th 5th 6th pictures ay mga recent photos nia,.,.

OH DIVA kagaya nga ng sabi nia sige papayag na ko khit dito sa blog ko LNG
Peace tayey!,!!

Biyernes, Marso 22, 2013

Karyle's 7th birthday party,,

Hi blogger's last Saturday 031613 we attended Kyla's classmate karyle's 7th birthday party,.,.,
Princess theme ,.,.this just made me more excited for Kyla's 7th birthday party!!

Ist picture shows my little lady,.,., time flies like the flow of water sa river,.,.sobrang bilis,.,ang laki laki na ng baby nmn,.,and in a year or two for sure mas matangkad na xa sa akin,..,

2nd picture shows kyla with the celebrant and with my youngest sister Atina,.,,

3rd picture shows kyla with her face painting that she loves a lot sabi pa nga nia si kua face painter nlng daw ku in nmn sa 7th birthday nia,,,,hahah,.,.recommended nga c kua Kasi he was so galing tlga,.,

4th picture shows nini and kyla,.,. Oh diva pati walis nmn nakisali sa picture,.., hahahahah.,,.

Gusto mo na maging ate?

Kyla was so fond taking good care of my inaank Shen Shen,.,.siguro she wants to be a big sister na talaga,.,heheheh,.,

All smile ang dalaga ko habang Tulak Tulak Nya si Shen,.,.

Wait ka Lang kyla !,,,,