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Sabado, Pebrero 23, 2013

How time flies.,..,

Parang kelan lang baby pa si kyla tapos ngayon halos kasing laki ko na sya..
Yun nga lang kahit sobrang laki na over dependent pa din samin ni didi nia.
Well ganun yata talga pag isang anak lang Bratinela!

kAYA sana ibless na kami ni papa Jesus ng 2nd baby! haha!!
Excited na ko ulit magpalit ng lampin at magpa dede ng baby hahha!!

Seriously, gusto na namin ng 2nd baby!! kasi ang laki laki na ni baby kyla namin .,.,


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glenngelz ayon kay ...

Hi dear, your daughter is going to St.Therese Mandaluyong? How is the teaching? My daughter is turning 4 this May and I'm contemplating if I'll put her in St.Therese or St.Paul makati. And how's d tuition fee? We live nearer St.Therese kase.;) thank u.
x g

Dane ayon kay ...

hello sis! ;) ist of thank you for taking time to read my blog :)

yes my daughter will be grade two in june and yup she goes to st therese. Every penny is worth the tuition fee that's one thing that i can assure you.

for kinder i think it's roughly 20k-25k

grade school students has a different tuition fee.

I highly recommend that you enroll your child to this school most likely if it is within the vicinity.

I'm from mandaluyong to where are you fr?

Josephine Tabilona ayon kay ...

How much is tuition fee for grade 1? Im from mandaluyong as well and im considering st therese for my son? What are their process for enrollment? Some school you have to do reservation..some school do have exam, some about st therese?

Dane Relente ayon kay ...

Hi josephine - for incoming grade 1 there will be an entrance exam and interview for the student.

Tuition ranges from 30k- 35 depending on the payment method. May I ask where in mandaluyong ?

chuch.r ayon kay ...

hello po. Pano po ung payment Methods nila, do they have monthly or per quarter?