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Miyerkules, Marso 27, 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday

I am just as happy as i can be !! kasi nga approved ang leave ko for tomorrow that means to say I get to spend GOOD FRIDAY at home.

What do we usually do or ritually do on a GOOD FRIDAY ???

1. We will watch pinentesya till noon

we'll we do this every year kaya it's so hard to miss it mula bata pa ako hanggang mag dalaga at ngayong me anak na ko... I watch it with them now...


our pabasa would start 5 in the morning thursday and should end atleast by midnight or more or less


3. We will watch SIETE PALABRA

my good friday will not be complete if i will won't watch siete palabra
this is one of the most awaited scene sa aming lugar pag byernes santo


Well yes!! I had to put alay lakad at the bottom of the list :( kasi naman si didi ng rerequest na pupunta daw sila ni roy sa quiapo para sa pasan cruz, and I can't say no to that since bf/gf days deboto na kmi ng quiapo so go lang!!


 ikaw? how will you spend your BYERNES SANTO ?
i'd love to hear your response.

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