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Huwebes, Abril 4, 2013

It is Enrollment again :)

Kyla is turning Grade 2 na this June....

Wow! dalaga na tagala ang baby ko parang kailan lang nagbebreastfeed lang sya sakin tapos ngayon grade 2 na. Dahil nga mag gregrade two na si kyla syempre enrollment muna bago maging grade two wahhhhhhhh bayaran na nmn kelangan ng maraming anda for the enrollment.,.,

kelangan namin ng maraming sideline para maraming kita para me pang enroll na hehehe kelangan din ng maraming ot haahhhahaa...

this picture was taken last year - few days after the beginng of class, as seen me name tag pa si kyla hehehe.,., Kyla is known at school as Michaela kasi masyado nang maraming kyla sa room nila..


what bout u mommies when is the enrollment of your kiddos?

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IrwinM ayon kay ...

Hi. I was looking for feedback about St. Therese Private Schools - Mandaluyong for my incoming grade 1 son and i came your post in smartparenting which eventually led me to your blog.

Here are my questions:

1. Any comment on the quality of education there?

2. I have seen the school and my first impression is that the school is on the small side, hindi ba sila masyadong crowded sa loob?

3. Lastly, during typhoons nagbabaha ba dun sa area nila, especially dun sa may circle?

If you have any other feedback / comment that you'd like to share please do so.

Thanks in advance.

Dane ayon kay ...

hi mommy! ist thank you for taking time reading my blog -

1. The quality of education is very good - as i said to a previous mom who asked about st therese . ...every penny you'll spend is very worth it. I am proud to say that my daughter has a lot of achievements now and there were big developments.

2. Yeah it looks small outside but it is big inside and they have 2 campus' i think what you have seen is the main campus - they's not crowded inside i think there are 30-35 students per class..

3. yup it floods dun sa lugar but di xa aabot sa school sa circle lng mismo .,.

Again thanks for visiting my site!!