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Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

Nini Ate na ko!! :)

Last week, I called didi's phone to know kung nakapasok na sya sa work at kung nahatid nya na si kyla sa bahay ng parents ko,.,.

It was'nt did who picked up the phone but it was someone who said:

"Nini ate na ko!!!"

Yes!! It was kyla!!

Loud and Proud she told na na ate na daw sya by then di pa confirmed that I am pregnant.,., It was just so amazing that she loves the fact na magiging ate na sya kasi dati she never liked the fact gusto nya sya lang ang baby namin.,, 

What is more amazing is that she would constantly kiss my tummy and would always remind me to stop facebooking but instead read about how i can keep the baby healthy and happy.,.I was so touched .,., kakatuwa lang na love na love nia na si baby kahit na nasa tummy pa sya,., kyla would even check on my pregnancy tracker apps and then ask kung gising ba si baby and she knows that it will take 40 weeks for the baby to come out.,,

Ate kyla thank you for being nice and lovely to our baby!!

Nini and Nidi are proud of YOU!
We love you so much Bebe!

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