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Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

YEs I am PregnanT!

I have been out of blogging for the last few days, aside from the fact that our ipad's charger is not working .,...
I have been very very busy trying to figure out someting! and that's because I have been feeling so so different within the last few days.,., and on the 10th of April my ob confirmed it I am 4-5 weeks pregnant!!

Yuhhoooooo!! Finally After 10 months of trying we were able to conceive!! We are very happy and excited at the same time..anytime before Christmas Ate na si kyla!!
Well how did i find out?

Hmmmm last Monday the 8th of April (this should be the day that I will have my period) I bought a Pregnancy test and used it in the afternoon..
Well it was filled the first line completely but the second one was faded,.,. I have bee buying pt's from time to time whenever I am delayed for 2 days or more but I never got this kind of result .,., so I was confused .,.,

The next day as early as 8am i woke up didi so we can buy pt sa nearest mercury drug and para ist wiwi yung makuha ..,., so we got medic .,,

At home I rushed to the cr to test ,.,. I got almost the same result but the 2nd line is more of completed rather that faded so I told didi it is positive!!
but since we are not completely sure if it is correct I went to my Ob the next day to have a check up .,,

And charan!!! It is indeed positive! I am now 5 weeks pregnant!!!

We are very happy and xempre even Kyla is so happy about it.,.,
she is so excited that she kisses my tummy from time to time and keeps on asking me when is the baby coming.,.,

Thank you LORD for the blessing and early gift na rin for didi's birthday on April 22nd and for my birthday on April 29th.

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