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Biyernes, Abril 25, 2014

My Birthing Story

Hi Readers!

Sorry for the delay! It was just that this past few months this blog is not allowing me to post anything for some reasons.

So, here is my story...

It was my check up last December 05, 2014 - We Went to the hospital @ around 8:30 am, I was 2-3 cm dilated 70% effaced but the doctors did not allow me to go home anymore so I was admitted at around 09:30 am. Sadly my wish to saty with hubby and family through out my labor did not happen because I was sent to Labor room as early as 2-3 cm.

I had to endure 9 boring hours looking at the four corners of the room, nurses passing by, checking vital signs from time to time, mothers going in and out of the labor room, screaming mothers and all that but it was a very smooth labor unlike with kyla's it was painful and all that.

From 9.30 am - 3 pm I was'nt feeling any pain yet but come 5 pm there was a little but still tolerable... I was given different kinds of medicines to push labor and @ 6.30 pm I was already 8cm (kaya pala parang d na ko mapalagy sa sakit sa kama kasi 8 cm na pala) and later on brought to the delivery room. Masakit sya pero I can still tolerate it I even asked the nurse to get my ipad from hubby so I can have pictures taken while I am giving birth (ntatawa yung mga nurse sakin kala daw kasi nila mg fb status update pa ko LOL sabi ko : No! I want lang pictures to be taken during delivery). When I was brought to the delivery room, nilinis na ko then @ 7.25 pm I started pushing.,.,

I pushed and pushed with matching scream sometimes kasi masakit I really pushed hard para lumabas na si baby and finally @ 7:40 pm Macayle Daniela was out of the world na and the first thing she did was cry! hahaha ! She was rushed to my breast to get colostrum milk from nini. I was so happy the whole night kasi after 9 long months I finally met my 2nd daughter. The downside was no bed was available sa ward section and no private room available as well that time so I was sent back to labor room and I stayed there up until December 6th 7 pm then I was transferred sa ward and after 2 hours sa private room na..

My first visitors were my mama and papa, didi, ate kyla my sister anan and bf embet and tito nilo!  

Thank you for taking good care of us Dr. Pecos Camarines and Dra. Belen Camarines! Good job po sa inyong mag ama and to the nurses too. :)

I gave birth last December 05, 2013 @ 07:40 pm @ Mandaluyong City Medical Center

Hello World!
My name is Macayle Daniela
I was born on December 05, 2013
at 07:40 pm
6.6 lbs

My ob Dr. Cam with niela, pinapakita nya ke didi si baby :)

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