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Huwebes, Abril 24, 2014

The Legal Wife

Hi All!

I just can't help but post about The Legal Wife syempre pa at si Idol Angel Locsin ang bida sa palabas!
I'd like to give Angel 1,000,000 claps for being amazing! Sa sobrang galing nya sa pag arte.

Are you watching the legal wife as well?
I watch it every night even if late na sya pinapalabas, it shows a real story something that really happens in reality! Napakatotoo ng mga pang yayari - i'm sure maraming babae ang nakakarelate dito!

How would you react if you are monica?
What will you do to Nicole?
I'd be as mad as monica!
For sure kahit sinong babae magagalit!
Mahirap maging Martir. LOL

Well I hope that this will not happen to us! I'd be crazy! literal na maloloka ako I would not know what to do haha!

o sya let's all watch The Legal Wife later confession time na!

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