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Huwebes, Mayo 29, 2014

Stolen Galaxy Note

I am feeling bad!
Someone stole my phone.,,.
and if there is one thing I can't miss aside from my family - yun yung cellphone ko - huhuhu
My phone was stolen when it was not in my possession - my brother/sister kenneth borrowed it because they went to Calaguas Island in bicol and someone stole it there.
I just can't move on kasi i have too much files in that phone. :(
Videos of niela and ate kyla that has not yet been uploaded.
I am feeling lost - nakakaloka lang!
If only money can buy memories - bblhn ko lahat ng files ko dun sa phone na yun! Hahaha.
I hope that whoever stole it is happy now! hhmmp!!
i'll miss you my galaxy note!

Lunes, Mayo 26, 2014

Happy 5th Month Birthday Daniela!

Time flies so fast talaga! Niela is now 5 months!
Niela is now familiar of our faces, like when she sees nini didi ate kyla or anyone from the family she will smile with matching sound pa.
Just like any other babies she is now so malikot and she is very aggresive when she sees food, gustong gusto nya na talagang kumain. Don't worry baby konti nalang pwede ka ng magtake ng solid food. Haha!
Just like nini mahilig din si niela sa picture, whenever I take pictures she look would look at the camera too.
We always celebrate her monthly birthday, thanks giving na din kasi she is always healthy.
These were pictures taken on her 5th month birthday!

niela's 5th month birthday cake!
thank you angel and tita claud!

Thanks tita claud for the cake and tita rochelle for the pizza.
Thank you din po sa mga visitors namin pati ke ninang ayen at ninang cecille!

niela with her cake
family picture!
nini didi ate kyla and niela!
niela wants to eat talaga noh! haha!
this is me with niela and my sister claudine with her daughter angel who is only 2 weeks older than niela!

Miyerkules, Mayo 21, 2014

#Throw back thursday Blogpost (Kyla's 3rd Birthday party)

Yes! #TBT ito ng party ni ate kyla nung 3 years old pa lang sya. I don't know why but I am crazy over parties kaya nga from 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, 6TH & 7TH Birthday ni Ate kyla me party sya.

I am just too happy preparing for her party every year, it gives me happiness, fulfillment at marami pang iba, haha! I always make sure that this is something to look forward to. Mas excited pa nga ako lagi ke kyla eh haha!

Let me begin with my kwento for her 3rd Birthday Party

Date: July 04, 2009 (5 years ago)
Theme: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Venue: Basketball court near our place
Entertainment: Isah's Party needs
Loots: Divisoria
Cake: hala - i can't remember na but it was an online seller eh - it was a yummy carrot cake
Food: cooked by my mama and papa.

This time we has a clown as entertainer, but nowadays mas madalas magicians na yung nakikita ko sa parties. We has our clown from isah's clown and party needs they have several package, as I can still remember we got the one with clowns/magicians, tarpaulin, balloons, pabitin, etc.

The party went well like all of her parties. Kiddos went home with a smile and happy story about the party plus loots and cupcakes pa.

These are some of the photos taken on kyla's 3rd birthday party (photo overload) haha!

the birthday girl eating her spaghetti

Kyla's 3rd birthday cake
snow white!

didi was saying his wish for ate kyla!

kyla with tita claud!

with tita kate tita chayan and tita jessica


gift table, tarp, cake

kyla with her gifts

nini and didi
almost 5 years ago - payatot years! hahaha

kyla with ninong tom2 and ninang reren

kyla with didi's family
kyla with her classmates and their parents
Next thursday I'll post another TBT birthday party of kyla.

Lotsa love!

Mommy Dane.



Lunes, Mayo 19, 2014

Ate Kyla's Mother's Day gift to Nini :)

I am blessed to have a child who is so kulit but super sweet like you ate.

Last week pagdating ko sa bahay tanong ng tanong si ate kyla kung nakita ko na - sabi ko naman ang alin? sabi nya basta daw, sama daw ako sa kanya, then dinala nya ko sa room namin and showed me this.

Ate kyla's Mother's Day gift tome!
Thank you so much ate! Iloveyou!!!

Like how I react to each and every letter she gave me naiyak ako. Sino ba namang nanay ang hindi matouch sa ganto diva? You went home from work tired tapos me surprise si ate pag uwi mo. Sobrang nakakatuwa lang.

I said Thank you to ate kissed her hugged her and said I love you!

She was happy that I liked her present. She spent her own money to buy materials and rose to have this done. Clap clap clap ate! Sana kahit dalaga ka na you will still give me and didi letters like this, it really makes my heart happy!

I am happy that kyla gets to express what she wants to tell us through letters though pag kinakausap namin sya she tells us din naman how she feels but through letters it is deeper I mean she can freely express herself and I love it kasi me myself and I love to write letters din, kaya ko yatang umubos ng maraming maraming papel just to write letters.

I remember nung highschool pa kami ni didi everyday ko syang binibigyan ng letter mas mahaba mas masaya at pag monthsary mas maraming design mas maganda! haha! I still have yung mga letters n binigay ko ke didi at yung mga letters na binigay nya sakin. When I have much time I read them and most of the time aside from Kilig, natatawa nalang ako sa mga sinulat ko dun haha!!

Opppss sorry masyado akong nadala sa mga pangyayari haha going back to ate kyla's letter sabi nya di nya pa daw natatapos yung full design kasi hindi pa daw nya nalalagyan ng mga pictures ko hehe sabi ko okay lang waht she did was more than enough to make my mother's day meaningful and great! 

Ate kyla helped my sister her tita puray and her cousin thea to make their own mother's letters/gifts for their moms. 

Kayo mommies what gift did you get from your kiddos?

With lotsa love!

Mommy Dane :) 

Linggo, Mayo 18, 2014

My Little Fashionista!

Yes! I claim it!!
Ate kyla is my little fashionista!
She loves to dress up and to put make up.

I always make it a point that wherever we are mapapansin sya because of what she wears or how she looks. Siguro ganun talga when you are a mom na! You are proud of your child and gusto mo lagi syang napapansin. You want people to compliment her, you want to hear good feedback from people.

here are some of her #OOTD
tube top + short short + wedge

christmas outfit for 2012
her outfit when we went to our company's family day

ate kyla's gown on her 7th birthday

Photoshoot for 7th birthday

Add caption

she loves wearing boots!

@ her classmate's 7th birthday party

papa pen's christmas party

Lunes, Mayo 12, 2014

Picture Picture!

I am a picture addict! That's a FACT! LOL!

I take pictures anytime, anywhere and i'm not sure why but it makes me happy. It maybe because I grew up with people who love taking pictures too. So wehn I found out about Picture Picture I was so happy!

Ang ganda ganda kasi ng outcome ng mga pictures, they edit pictures in a way na hindi sya mukhang sobrang inedit, you get what I mean?

Our first encounter with picture picture was when we has Ate Kyla's photoshoot for her 7th Birthday. I was amazed with the results. The photographer was so nice and he knows how to convince the customers to emote in front of camera.

At first shy pa si ate kyla but later on pose na din sya ng post.

Let me show you some of our pictures from Picture Picture!

(please forgive me these pictures were not the soft copy ones I grabbed this from instagram lang)

Ate kyla!

My little Lady!

We love you Ate!

oh diva! nahihiya pa daw si ate kyla sa lagay na yan! haha!

These pictures were taken for Niela's Baptism and Family Picture na din.

I love this picture! Niela was looking and smiling at the camera at the same time.

ate kyla kissing niela :)

my smiling face niela!

I highly recommend picture picture to those who are in a budget kasi Mura na Sulit pa! :)

Picture Picture Digital Photoservices Incorporated in Mandaluyong

Picture Picture Digital Photoservices Incorporated

Business Listing
Market Place Shopping Mall, Mandaluyong City, 1550, Metro Manila
  • Tel 02-534 9874

Linggo, Mayo 11, 2014

Ate Kyla's 1st Summer Workshop ever! (Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2014)

I am so excited! Mas excited pa nga ata ako ke ate kyla e maybe because this is her first summer workshop ever puro kasi plano lang most of time hanggang di na matuloy haha!

Last friday we went to McDonald's Marketplace Kalentong so we can register kyla for the Kiddie Crew Workshop 2014.

Registration Period: February 14 to May 25, 2014 - if you are interested you may still register your child @ any Mcdonald's participating branches.

We paid for Php 595.00 that includes: T-shirt, bag, cap, Id w/ lace, Chef's Hat, Workshop Materials, Button Pins, Workshop Certificate & Meals. The crew told us we will get these items sa orientation but we may be unable to attend the orientation kasi we have out of town that day May 17, 2014 pero she told me I can just get these items from the store and they will just give me information regarding the orientation. Yey! buti nalang haha!

Workshop Activities:

* Values formation lecture: Teamwork, handwork, discipline, sharing
* On-the-floor training: front counter, drive-thru, lobby
* Workshops: Apron Making, Burger Making Talent Workshop, Jazz-up Hat
* Song and Dance: kidde Crew Theme Song, Do-the-Ronald, Dance Exercise.

I hoping that Ate kyla will learn a lot from this workshop and most of all sana mag enjoy sya though I have a little corcern kasi nga kahapon we had a family/friends outing, ayun super duper itim na ni Ate kyla sana pumuti na sya ulit kahit konti bago ang workshop nya.... gggrr!! kakainis later ko na kasi na realize na me workshop nga pala si ate kyla, after ng outing ko na naalala, too bad. Well, I am hoping for the best! LOL

What about you mommies? saang workshop nyo po sinali kiddos nyo ?

Mommy Dane :)

Miyerkules, Mayo 7, 2014

Mommy guilt

I am a mom of 2 lovely girls, Ate Kyla going 8 years old and baby niela 5 mos.

this is ate kyla - she is turning 8 yrs old this july
picture taken last march 2014 - she was one of the flower girls @ my cousin's wedding

this is niela - she was 2 mos old when this picture was taken

  I love my 2 girls so much and like any other moms I'd like to give them the best.

I never thought that more than the expenses it is harder to divide your attention to your children in a way that they would'nt think you are being unfair! This is my biggest dilemma now a days. Paano ko kaya hahatiin yung time ko ke ate at ke baby na in a way I will be fair to them? It honestly makes me feel guilty whenever I'd give more time to niela than to ate.

It has been my fear to have another child since the day I gave birth to Ate kyla. Aside from the painful labor and pushing natatakot akong magmahal ng iba, natatakot ako kasi baka maging unfair ako sa 2nd child ko thinking I will only love Ate Kyla and thinking about having another child scares me.

Lagi kong sinasabi na ayoko na magkaron ng bagong baby kasi kawawa si ate kyla. I would always say I will love Ate kyla more than new babies we will have, pero hindi pala ganun yun noh? hindi pwedeng meron kang mas love, hindi pwedeng hindi fair. Pantay pala sya, you will love your new baby like how you love your firstborn.

When niela came, I was like a new mom - same feeling! same excitement! Para akong bagong nanay!

I never thought i'd love her like how I love ate kyla pero I feel guilty most of the time kasi madalas mas focus ako ke niela because she needs more attention at this time - there were days na di ko na gaanong naasikaso si ate.

* I feel guilty kasi minsan makikita ko nalang mahaba na pala yung kuko nya - dati I have all the time in the world pero now kasi busy lang at madalas ke niela nakafocus. I'm sorry ate I may not have all the time to take care of you pero I love you so much kahit na madalas matigas ang ulo mo.

* I feel guilty kasi pag pagod na ko I don't get to read books to her na - like what we always do before

* I feel guilty kasi when we sleep naka harap na ko ke niela hindi na sa kanya! so when I have time pag tulog si niela at nanjan si didi I make sure na mag bobonding kami ni ate kyla

and most of all

 * I feel guilty kasi mas marami akong time ke niela kesa kay ate

but i remember one time I asked ate kyla - "Hindi ka ba nagseselos ke niela?" ate said "No, kasi mahal na mahal ko sya e"

buti nalang ate kyla is old enough na to have another sibling - at buti nalang din she understands everything and she is not jealous about niela.

What about you mommies did you ever feel the same?

Linggo, Mayo 4, 2014


Hi Mothers!

I'd like to share lang some reasons why I love BREASTFEEDING

For sure you guys have your own reasons as well pero these are just few reasons why I will always love BREASTFEEDING!

1.   It is easy! 

Just offer your breast to the baby and that's it! You don't need to do much work to have it done, di tulad pag formula kelangan mo pa maglagay ng tubig at mag scoop ng gatas bago mo maibigay ke baby. 

No need to wake up in the wee hours para lang magtimpla ng gatas.

2. It is free! - 

Yes! It is! 

No need to worry if you'll still have milk to offer to baby for the next days. No need to spend thousands of pesos to buy formula for baby but I make sure to eat healthy for the niela! Meaning - instead of me buying formula for niela I can just buy another paid of wedge! LOL (just kidding) I can buy her more stuff since we don't have milk gastos. hehe

3. Best Bonding Time with Baby - 

For me, ito ang best bonding ko ke niela. I get to play with her while she is breastfeeding. Eye to Eye contact kami while she holds my fingers tapos mayat maya kang ngingitian. Precious moments ika nga! 

This is the only time na masosolo ko sya that she will focus on me. 

4. Breastfeeding helps weight loss - 

This is my best benefit! LOL! I know that every mom would like to lose those excess fats they got from pregnancy, who would'nt? 

No need to diet! No need to skip meals! 

Sow.. From 60 kgs to 57 kgs after I gave birth and now 55 kgs - I was like 50 kgs before I gave birth. LOL

5. Helps moms lower risk of these health problems

* diabetes
* Breast cancer
* Ovarian cancer
* Postpartum depression

Very Good! It won't eliminate these health prombems but atleast it would lower the risk of having these health problems.

Ikaw mommy ? What are your top reasons bakit y you love breastfeeding? I hope you can share your thoughts.


Biyernes, Mayo 2, 2014

Bonding time with Ate Kyla

Yes! It is a bonding time with Ate Kyla!

Hairfall! Yes, that is the reason why I had my hair cut sabi kasi ng matatanda pag dumadapa na daw si baby nag istart na daw maglagas ang buhok ni mommy, minsan nga nakakaworry na kasi too much e pero it is normal lang daw. I decided to have my hair cut done kasama si ate kyla kasi mahaba na din ang hair nya.

We had our hair cut done sa salon malapit sa house and as usual makulit si ate, lahat inuusisa sa salon lahat ginagalaw! waahhh ! kelan kaya magiging behave si ate? haha

I love you Ate kyla kahit ang kulit kulit mo!! 

What about you mothers? When was your last bonding moment with ur kiddos?