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Lunes, Mayo 26, 2014

Happy 5th Month Birthday Daniela!

Time flies so fast talaga! Niela is now 5 months!
Niela is now familiar of our faces, like when she sees nini didi ate kyla or anyone from the family she will smile with matching sound pa.
Just like any other babies she is now so malikot and she is very aggresive when she sees food, gustong gusto nya na talagang kumain. Don't worry baby konti nalang pwede ka ng magtake ng solid food. Haha!
Just like nini mahilig din si niela sa picture, whenever I take pictures she look would look at the camera too.
We always celebrate her monthly birthday, thanks giving na din kasi she is always healthy.
These were pictures taken on her 5th month birthday!

niela's 5th month birthday cake!
thank you angel and tita claud!

Thanks tita claud for the cake and tita rochelle for the pizza.
Thank you din po sa mga visitors namin pati ke ninang ayen at ninang cecille!

niela with her cake
family picture!
nini didi ate kyla and niela!
niela wants to eat talaga noh! haha!
this is me with niela and my sister claudine with her daughter angel who is only 2 weeks older than niela!

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