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Huwebes, Mayo 29, 2014

Stolen Galaxy Note

I am feeling bad!
Someone stole my phone.,,.
and if there is one thing I can't miss aside from my family - yun yung cellphone ko - huhuhu
My phone was stolen when it was not in my possession - my brother/sister kenneth borrowed it because they went to Calaguas Island in bicol and someone stole it there.
I just can't move on kasi i have too much files in that phone. :(
Videos of niela and ate kyla that has not yet been uploaded.
I am feeling lost - nakakaloka lang!
If only money can buy memories - bblhn ko lahat ng files ko dun sa phone na yun! Hahaha.
I hope that whoever stole it is happy now! hhmmp!!
i'll miss you my galaxy note!

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