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Miyerkules, Mayo 21, 2014

#Throw back thursday Blogpost (Kyla's 3rd Birthday party)

Yes! #TBT ito ng party ni ate kyla nung 3 years old pa lang sya. I don't know why but I am crazy over parties kaya nga from 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, 6TH & 7TH Birthday ni Ate kyla me party sya.

I am just too happy preparing for her party every year, it gives me happiness, fulfillment at marami pang iba, haha! I always make sure that this is something to look forward to. Mas excited pa nga ako lagi ke kyla eh haha!

Let me begin with my kwento for her 3rd Birthday Party

Date: July 04, 2009 (5 years ago)
Theme: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Venue: Basketball court near our place
Entertainment: Isah's Party needs
Loots: Divisoria
Cake: hala - i can't remember na but it was an online seller eh - it was a yummy carrot cake
Food: cooked by my mama and papa.

This time we has a clown as entertainer, but nowadays mas madalas magicians na yung nakikita ko sa parties. We has our clown from isah's clown and party needs they have several package, as I can still remember we got the one with clowns/magicians, tarpaulin, balloons, pabitin, etc.

The party went well like all of her parties. Kiddos went home with a smile and happy story about the party plus loots and cupcakes pa.

These are some of the photos taken on kyla's 3rd birthday party (photo overload) haha!

the birthday girl eating her spaghetti

Kyla's 3rd birthday cake
snow white!

didi was saying his wish for ate kyla!

kyla with tita claud!

with tita kate tita chayan and tita jessica


gift table, tarp, cake

kyla with her gifts

nini and didi
almost 5 years ago - payatot years! hahaha

kyla with ninong tom2 and ninang reren

kyla with didi's family
kyla with her classmates and their parents
Next thursday I'll post another TBT birthday party of kyla.

Lotsa love!

Mommy Dane.



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