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Linggo, Mayo 4, 2014


Hi Mothers!

I'd like to share lang some reasons why I love BREASTFEEDING

For sure you guys have your own reasons as well pero these are just few reasons why I will always love BREASTFEEDING!

1.   It is easy! 

Just offer your breast to the baby and that's it! You don't need to do much work to have it done, di tulad pag formula kelangan mo pa maglagay ng tubig at mag scoop ng gatas bago mo maibigay ke baby. 

No need to wake up in the wee hours para lang magtimpla ng gatas.

2. It is free! - 

Yes! It is! 

No need to worry if you'll still have milk to offer to baby for the next days. No need to spend thousands of pesos to buy formula for baby but I make sure to eat healthy for the niela! Meaning - instead of me buying formula for niela I can just buy another paid of wedge! LOL (just kidding) I can buy her more stuff since we don't have milk gastos. hehe

3. Best Bonding Time with Baby - 

For me, ito ang best bonding ko ke niela. I get to play with her while she is breastfeeding. Eye to Eye contact kami while she holds my fingers tapos mayat maya kang ngingitian. Precious moments ika nga! 

This is the only time na masosolo ko sya that she will focus on me. 

4. Breastfeeding helps weight loss - 

This is my best benefit! LOL! I know that every mom would like to lose those excess fats they got from pregnancy, who would'nt? 

No need to diet! No need to skip meals! 

Sow.. From 60 kgs to 57 kgs after I gave birth and now 55 kgs - I was like 50 kgs before I gave birth. LOL

5. Helps moms lower risk of these health problems

* diabetes
* Breast cancer
* Ovarian cancer
* Postpartum depression

Very Good! It won't eliminate these health prombems but atleast it would lower the risk of having these health problems.

Ikaw mommy ? What are your top reasons bakit y you love breastfeeding? I hope you can share your thoughts.


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