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Huwebes, Hunyo 19, 2014

Someone is turning 8!


I was so busy last week that I did'nt get the chance to blog.

Last monday was Ate's 1st day of school, she is now in grade III and in 2 weeks time she will be 8 years old na!! Hong bilis talaga ng panahon parang kailan lang baby pa si Ate kyla ngayon konti na lang dalaga na sya!

This time Ate will celebrate her birthday at school, she told me she wants a Frozen Theme this time. Dahil lagi naman akong excited na magprepare for her birthday gumawa na ko ng paper invites, unlike sa mga nakaraang birthday nya hindi ko na nilagyan ng picture yung invites and simple party lang this time.

I made this invite on my own! hehe..
kakatuwa lang it turned out pretty good - what can you say? Haha

I know that 100% Ate will like this invitation I made for her. We will have just a simple celebration at home after her school party but I will still prepare games and I am going to put decorations as well at home. I will buy some balloons as well para maganda. Ate is wanting to wear Elsa's costume on her birthday pero I have'nt find one pa at this time. San kaya ako makakakita nun ? Mahal kasi online.. I will just go to divi next week para maghanap hehe.
What games can we play kaya for this frozen themed party? I know Ate kyla is excited na pero I'm more excited ata kesa sa kanya!

I still need to order cake, buy balloons, but lootbags for her classmates and order food. I promise to post pictures right after her birthday!

Mommy Dane :)

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