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Lunes, Hulyo 14, 2014

The Most Amazing letter of them all!

Do you usually receive letters from you child? What did it say? How did you feel?
Well, I just got the Most Amazing letter of them all!

Ate Kyla was asking help for her assignments when she showed me this letter/seatwork she has for that day.

I was so amazed, I felt like I was super woman. I felt like I was doing the best and I cried because of happiness! Yung feeling na pagod na pagod ka sa work tapos me letter na ganto napakasarap lang! Nakakaubos ng pagod at nakaka good vibes.

The letter says:

"Mother - Because she is the only one person who protect me and my every birthday she are gastosing all and hard to work my mom for me and my baby and I Love you mom Because you are giving all. I love you so much"

Every time I read this letter I feel the same! This letter may have grammar errors but this is the most amaxing letter for me! Yung parang high ka because of happiness! Punong puno ung puso ko ng kaligayan haha!

Ate, I thank you for making me feel like I am the best mommy in the world, sana lagi mo pa kong bigyan ng letter. I love you so much and I will always do. Thank you for making me proud and didi! Thank you for loving niela and thank you for taking care of her, sana bawasan ng konti ang pagiging matigas ng ulo. Mwah!

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