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Linggo, Agosto 24, 2014

Ate Kyla passed the audition for the "Mandaluyong Children's Choir"

               Last saturday, we went to Mandaluyong City hall (kaban ng hiyas) for ate kyla's audition for "Mandaluyong Children's Choir". The audition for that day was almost over (buti na lang umabot pa kami). Siguro nga kung para sayo talaga para sayo talaga noh?

Well, let me tell you a brief chika kung bakit dapat di na kakmi tutuloy mag audition. Didi left ate kyla's things sa bahay, ate kyla slept over lolo and lola's house sa side ni didi so she was left with nothing maayos/pang alis to wear and we were almost late for the audition. They had to rush to the City hall and ate kyla was just wearing a simple pang bahay sando and shorts and she just borrowed a dress from her cousin. You'll see the first photo shows that she was just wearing sleepers because didi left her shoes too, ate kyla was somehow upset because she did'nt like to wear this dress (ayaw ni ate ng damit na me mga tali tali - she easily gets irritated LOL, and this one was a backless hehe).

After putting some powder, changing her clothes we immediately went to the 3rd fl for the audition. We were asked to fill out some papers and later on ate kyla was asked to go inside the rehearsal room. Nini and didi had to wait outside, sayang we didi'nt get the chance to watch her audition. The audition was done by Maestro Sebastian Trinidad. 

After a few minutes ate kyla went out and the assistant gave us this paper that says she passed!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHH!!! I was so happy!!! SUPEEEEEEEEEEEERR!! PROUDESTTTTTTT!! 

I can't explain the feeling! haha! OA noh! It was just that I did'nt get this far sa singing career ko! Haha! I hope that Ate will show big improvements in singing and sana mas maging confident pa sya.  

Ate, Nini, Didi and sheshe are very proud of you! Syempre pati sila mama at papa saka lahat ng mga tito at tita mo proud kami sayo!   

We love you! Galingan mo lagi ha! Mwah!

my little lady!

nini didi and ate kyla!

Mandaluyong Children's Choir

didi and ate kyla

Lunes, Agosto 18, 2014

Ate kyla’s 5 day kiddie crew workshop @ mcdo (from orientation to graduation)

I’ll be sharing ate kyla’s 5 day kiddie crew workshop @ mcdo.
I know every mom would love to enroll their kiddos to a summer workshop like this, not only they will enjoy but this is as well a good chance for them to show there hidden talents and to improve it. I was very excited upon enrolling ate kyla to this workshop. I know she will enjoy each and every day of this workshop. I know for sure that ate enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed and didi was disappointed too. I always thought that most of the time they will spend doing crew works not dancing and dancing and dancing. They did some other things but 75% of the workshop went to practicing for there performance for the graduation which is I know needed for them to win but I was sad that they did not really have the chance to be kiddie crew for 1 whole session. I hope that it is different in evey branch so we can still try other mcdo branches next summer and I hope that it is better. The best part of the workshop was the graduation parang graduation sa school nakakatuwa at nakakaiyak, haha! I commend the mcdo marketplace for the graduation yun yung talagang pinaghandaan but I hope they will give kiddos more time sa counter or doing task na pang crew talaga. Sorrypo medyo napahaba ang aking paunang salaysay! LoL.

Graduation Day
Ate kyla got some awards!
Best in Singing – I agree to that! Syempre mana yan kay nini e.
Best in Lobby – I agree ulit kasi naman minsan lang naman sila nagstay sa lobby L
Most Behave – 100%! Ang tahi tahimik ni kyla sa workshop, over shy type ang peg and nini and didi are not happy we that, sa bahay naman ang kulit kulit, ang likot likot at pasaway pero sa workshop ni ayaw magsalita! Can you tell me why?

nini, didi and niela

ate kyla, niela and nini

Happy 8th Months Niela! (08/05/2014)

Good Day everyone!

My little princess is now 8 months! 4 more months then you are 1 year bebe! Super bilis lang talaga ng panahon. Please stay healthy and cute my love!

* Niela can now stand up without support
* crawling has been her hobby
* she loves to pick up anything she sees and she loves to eat almost anything, minsan nga pati shoes nya eh! LOL

This little girl makes me smile all the time!
Nini is very proud of you niela! parehas kayo ni ate kyla maaga din sya natutong tumayo on her own.
I love you both.

Biyernes, Agosto 15, 2014

Happy 6th Months Niela! (06/06/2014)

Omg! You are now 6 months niela and in six months time you will be 1 year old na! How time flies! I hope that as you grow you will be smarter and healthier!
Let me share to you Niela’s delelopment :
·         She can now crawl – backwards nga lang haha! Weird! Imbis na pasulong paurong sya but I am still happy about it.
·         She has now tried potato and the famous baby biscuit “Marie”.
·         She is now very very noisy making those ma ma aaaahhh booo boo sounds. LOL (I can’t wait to hear her say a word)

Like what  we do monthly we cooked something  special and bought a cake to celebrate niela’s monthsary. This time I cooked palabok para maiba naman kasi lagi nalang spaghetti, carbonara or pansit, we also had fried chicken, dunkin donuts and softdrinks. Amazingly naubos ang palabok kahit na sabi nila not so yummy L (yung mga kapatid kong napaka supportive noh!).
 I bought this Red Dress fron niela for only Php 50.00 - haha good buy sa palengke, I loved it agad agad parang pang birthday talaga ang peg! haha
Niela loves to smile but just to people she knows, mapiling bata she rarely smile kapag ibang tao ang kausap nya not unless she is in the mood.
Thank you to mama net and papa pen dahil sila ang aming sponsor last night! I love you both to the moon and back!
These are some of the pictures on Niela's 6th Monthsary. 

the celebrant with her red dress and red headdress

smiling face niela with nini ate kyla and angel

didi, nini, ate kyla and niela!