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Biyernes, Agosto 15, 2014

Happy 6th Months Niela! (06/06/2014)

Omg! You are now 6 months niela and in six months time you will be 1 year old na! How time flies! I hope that as you grow you will be smarter and healthier!
Let me share to you Niela’s delelopment :
·         She can now crawl – backwards nga lang haha! Weird! Imbis na pasulong paurong sya but I am still happy about it.
·         She has now tried potato and the famous baby biscuit “Marie”.
·         She is now very very noisy making those ma ma aaaahhh booo boo sounds. LOL (I can’t wait to hear her say a word)

Like what  we do monthly we cooked something  special and bought a cake to celebrate niela’s monthsary. This time I cooked palabok para maiba naman kasi lagi nalang spaghetti, carbonara or pansit, we also had fried chicken, dunkin donuts and softdrinks. Amazingly naubos ang palabok kahit na sabi nila not so yummy L (yung mga kapatid kong napaka supportive noh!).
 I bought this Red Dress fron niela for only Php 50.00 - haha good buy sa palengke, I loved it agad agad parang pang birthday talaga ang peg! haha
Niela loves to smile but just to people she knows, mapiling bata she rarely smile kapag ibang tao ang kausap nya not unless she is in the mood.
Thank you to mama net and papa pen dahil sila ang aming sponsor last night! I love you both to the moon and back!
These are some of the pictures on Niela's 6th Monthsary. 

the celebrant with her red dress and red headdress

smiling face niela with nini ate kyla and angel

didi, nini, ate kyla and niela!

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