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Linggo, Nobyembre 30, 2014

Niela's Pre-Birthday Photoshoot!


In 4 days time my bunso is turning 1.

Anak, I am very excited for your party! You may not clearly remember what will happen on your special day but I will make sure to take much much pictures for you! Almost everything is ready na for your party! I can't wait for your special day. I wish you happiness, good health and a wonderful life! Nini, didi and Ate kyla LOVE YOU very very much! I hope that one day you'll get to read this post. Please always remember that we love you and we will do everything to make you happy and contended!

These are some of Niela's Pictures in preparation for her 1st Birthday Party.  

Yay! My cutiepatootie!

amma model!

Iloveyou pum!

this girl who started walking @ 11 months!

Niela was sayin "Please come to my party!"

I am very excited for your party! I hope that everything will turn out as planned! mwah mwah bebe!!
we LOve you so so much!!!!

Linggo, Nobyembre 23, 2014

Angel's 1st Birthday Bash!

Angel Clauilan is my 2nd niece. She turned 1 yesterday November 21, 2014. It was an amazing and lovely Frozen themed party! I can attest that everyone went home with a smile.
Angel was the cutest and prettiest wearing her Elsa costume.
Here are some pictures of Angel’s 1st birthday party.
Picture with her mommy, daddy and Elsa.

Frozen Themed Cake from IKO’s Bakeshop.
(I love iko’s, super sarap ng cakes nila!)

Angel with her mom and my other sister Ana and baby nipon.

Angel's Alarm Clock souvenir for adults!
Mini Stools for kids

Niela with darna and superman

the set up!

candy buffet

(customized water bottles with Frozen tags)

(Niela with Elsa!)

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 19, 2014

Top 5 reasons Why I Love KUBIERTOS CATERING!

1. OWNER - Ms. Imelda is friendly, accomodating and gallant with freebies!
I find Ms. Imelda easy to talk with and again very galante when it comes to freebies, she would respond to my queries as soon as possible. Not unlike other caterers hindi ka nya prepresyuhan ng mahal if she knows that you are working on a budget.

One more thing I love about her is that (napaka down to earth, super bait at wala akong masabi!) lahat ng request ng customer as long as she can provide ibibigay nya yun.

(My First encounter with Ms. Imelda, Food tasting @ Makati park and garden! )

2. Well trained and courteous waiters – It feels good whenever waiters would serve you with a smile, attend to your needs asap and always to willing to help you with your requests. Sa ilang beses naming pagkuha kay kubiertos wala pa naman akong pangit na feedback sa waiters or baka swerte lang na mababait na waiters napupunta samin?
  I remember one time, kubiertos’ waiters helped me serve the additional food I brought for the kiddos and even Ms. I melda helped in distributing the food. Yay!! Super galing!

  3.  Delicious Food – I love food! Mostly when it is very delicious. We have been getting kubiertos’ for some time now. The first time we got them was for my first born’s 7th birthday! Everyone said that the food was great! I did’nt get the chance to eat na I was too busy entertaining our guests.

4.  Freebies: For P20,000.00 total bookings up– Who would’nt love freebies like this ? This is one of the best offers a customer can get! Isn’t this so lovely? Parang lahat na ng need mo binigay nya! I could’nt ask for more! Haha!
Freebies: For P20,000.00 total bookings up
  • 3X4 Tarpaulin with picture of the celebrant
  • Chocolate fountain with assorted dips
  • Bottomless iced tea
  • 2 balloons pillars
  • Cake arch
  • 50pcs shower balloons
  • 2 tarpaulin standees for backdrop

  5.  VERY AFFORDABLE – Moms now a days are very practical! Walang nanay na hindi gugustuhing makatipid! Lalo na sa panahon ngayon but I am proud to say that even with the Affordable Packages you still get Great Service and I can attest to that!


So Mommies alam nyo na sinong caterer kukunin natin for our events!
If you need to get Kubierto’s Service, Book Now!
  • Kubiertos Catering
    86 F. Cruz St., Phase 3,
    BF Homes, ParaƱque City
    Cellphone No.:
    (+63) 921-986-1081
(+63) 906-447-9675
Tel No.:
(02) 861-1249