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Linggo, Nobyembre 30, 2014

Niela's Pre-Birthday Photoshoot!


In 4 days time my bunso is turning 1.

Anak, I am very excited for your party! You may not clearly remember what will happen on your special day but I will make sure to take much much pictures for you! Almost everything is ready na for your party! I can't wait for your special day. I wish you happiness, good health and a wonderful life! Nini, didi and Ate kyla LOVE YOU very very much! I hope that one day you'll get to read this post. Please always remember that we love you and we will do everything to make you happy and contended!

These are some of Niela's Pictures in preparation for her 1st Birthday Party.  

Yay! My cutiepatootie!

amma model!

Iloveyou pum!

this girl who started walking @ 11 months!

Niela was sayin "Please come to my party!"

I am very excited for your party! I hope that everything will turn out as planned! mwah mwah bebe!!
we LOve you so so much!!!!

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