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Lunes, Hulyo 6, 2015


I now have a 9 year old little dalaga!

I just can't believe how time flies.... Oh well, I can still how I screamed during labor, how I had to endure over 8 hours of labor and how I pushed harder that I thought I could. Being a young mom @ the age of 16 was tough but with the love and support I got from my Family I am proud to say that I made it or should I say we made it (kami ni didi). 

Being young parents we did'nt know at 1st what was best for Kyla, good thing we have parents who willingly helped us in our first few years being young mom and young dad. Like any other young parents, we struggled with many different things, we had millions of arguments, we always almost decided to just end our relationship but putting God in the center of everything we slowly learned how to be good parents, how to slowly love each other's flaws and how to be better individuals everyday.

                                 Happy Birthday Baby!

You will always be nini and didi's baby even if you are a big girl now. I hope that all your wishes be granted. I wish you all the best anak! I am sorry if I sometimes can't attend to your needs, kung minsan I cant bring you to school or I can fetch you pero as I always promise you lagi akong babawi to make you happy.

As you grow older I hope that you will still share secrets with me, I hope that you will always be wise in every decision that you make. Please know that nini and didi will always do our best to make you happy. We will always support you in all your aspirations in life. Please always study hard and do not study love yet, haha darating din ang time for that baby but not yet too soon ok? !
Do not forget to always thank Papa Jesus for all the blessings he gaves you and our family. Thank you for being a good ate to niela. My biggest wish is that you become more responsible at this time, sana pag me sinabi kami ni didi sayo papakinggan mo lagi. We love you dearly.

We celebrated ate kyla's 9th birthday at sunrock resort. Here are some pictures for ate's little celebration.

a picture with her cousin, titas and a friend
wacky picture daw but niela was not in the mood to take a pose LOL

shy pa daw si ate

ate with her guests

nini, didi, ate kyla and niela :)

We love you so much Ate, HAppy Happy Birthday ulit. Mwah Mwah!!
                                                                                       With so much love: Nini :)

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Que Gavan ayon kay ...

Looks like a fun day with the celebrant. Wishing you more blessings!

Dane Relente ayon kay ...

thanks po !! :) god bless you too!