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Lunes, Agosto 17, 2015

How do you deal with Tantrums?

The other night we stayed up very very late because Niela was having Tantrums.
We did'nt know what to do because she kept on crying and crying......

Niela is only 20 months old so she can't communicate yet what's wrong or kung me masakit ba sa kanya or if she wants something.

I tried breastfeeding her coz it usually pacifies her but it did'nt work last night :(
We gave her formula milk but it did'nt work too. We let her watch her favorite nursery rhymes but it did'nt help too.

More more cry lang sya for 1 hour yata then later on she slept n din with tears pa on her eyes. Nagsawa din siguro sa pag iyak and napagod then meme na sya after.

It's not that it's our 1st time to experience this, over 9 yrs na kaming nakaka experience ni didi ng tantrums mula pa ke ate kyla and now ke niela. I was just a bit upset last night kasi ung usual na napapatigil ko si niela by breastfeeding her did not work, mabuti nalang at pasensyoso si didi anjan sya lagi to help me (hindi naman kasi lahat ng daddy maaasahan mong maghele at magpacify ng baby diva?).

Today, As I was reading some tips on how to deal with tantrums I learned that it is best to Ignore kids when they are having a meltdown and just make them feel loved to lessen their frustrations.

What about you mommies? How do you deal with tantrums?

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Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

Oh yes! One of the most impt tip I got in handling tantrums at home. "Pag walang audience, titigil ang performance."

Dane Relente ayon kay ...

hahahaa!! dapat pala wala audience so they will stop -

pero nasa loob lang kmi room ee i wonder y tantrums pa more si niela!! :)

thanks mommy jazz! again, i hope to meet you soonest - i wanted to attend the event kanina kaso me work nmn :)