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Linggo, Marso 27, 2016

My 3rd Baby's Birthing Story!

Yay! After 39 weeks and 5 days of waiting I finally gave birth to my 3rd baby,  Viorkchael Nice. Like his 2 big sisters he weighed 6 lbs and 6 oz. He was a noisy baby! Lol! Upon delivery he was crying out loud! Haha! The nurses said he is a future "Singer" because he was very loud! Aba mana pala ke nini ang baby! Singer din!

Oh well.. I've been hearing stories of how hard it was to give birth to a baby boy from one person to another and even from my mama! Mas masakit daw manganak at mas mahirap kapag lalaki but unlike what I was expecting it to be my delivery was fast and easy! It was very far from what I was thinking it would be....

Last March 07, 2016 at around 3 am I was already feeling pain in my lower abdomen it was like Dysmenorrhea and it was like I am going to have my monthly period so I did'nt think I was already on labor by then. The pain continued and the intervals came closer but it was tolerable so I just let it go I even allowed didi to go to work coz I didnt think I was about to give birth na.

At exactly 06:30 am ginising k na c ate kyla because she will go to school na but I felt na me lumabas na fluid sakin so I checked it and it was blood n pala! I got excited and a bit scared! Ginising ko si mama to tell her na me bloody show na ako, she told me to take a bath quickly para naman presentable pa din ako pagdting sa hosptal haha! I had breakfast pa while papa went to didi to tell him to rush home coz we need to go to the hospital na.

Roughly 7am we were on our way to the hospital! I was with mama while didi brought ate to school 1st because it's her 3rd trimestral exam. When the Ob made an Internal examination 8cm na daw ako! Wow! Even the ob was amazed kasi parang d naman daw ako nasasaktan! Oh well! Sabi ko ke ob "I enjoy ko nalang po ang labor" because the more painful it gets ibig sabihin makikita ko na si baby!

07:35 am I took a selfie pa! Haha!

07:45 am I was sent to Labor Room/Delivery room of Mandaluyong City Medical Center. All the nurses and obs were amazed on how I handle my labor pains poise na poise pa din daw ako kahit 8cm na ko parang hindi pa naman daw 8cm.

Oh Yes! It was painful! A bit painful but everytime contraction comes hingang malamim at mataimtim na dasal ang tinatapat ko para mas maging smooth ang labor. Roughly 8am I asked the ob to do an IE on me and ow 9cm na sya! I-table na daw ako sabi ni ob jargon but I they meant ata na papaanakin na ako.

I am very thankful na lahat ng nurses at ob gynes na nagpaanak sakin ay mababait. I could'nt ask for more!  It was a Big Help!

To Dra. Marita Deang,  Rn Marianne,  Rn Kim especially to the Ob who took this picture and sa lahat ng ob at rn na nakaduty that time (unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to have a photo op with them and d ko din nakuha name nung isa ob 😙) Thank you very much for making my delivery safe, fast and easy! You are 1 Awesome team!!! God Bless you All!

No dextrose, No Pain relievers and no stitches! Thank you Papa Jesus for making delivery safe and easy!

Thank You for giving us this little boy, he may be little but he gives us so much joy!

Thank you for reading my post!  God Speed Everyone!!