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Miyerkules, Mayo 18, 2016

The Bootleg Beatles are back in Manila!

The Bootleg Beatles are back in Manila!

Since their inception in 1980 the band has performed hundreds of gigs across the globe, earning themselves an amazing reputation along the way. George Martin himself described the Bootleg Beatles experience as “A terrific show”, whilst the Mail On Sunday hailed their “Mind- boggling accuracy”.
Neil Harrison (former John Lennon); Andre Barreau (George Harrison) and David Catlin-Birch (Paul McCartney) met in 1979 when they were all cast in the hit West-End production, Beatlemania. When the show finished its run the band, knowing the repertoire inside out, decided to continue performing it and thus The Bootleg Beatles were born in 1980, along with the entire tribute genre.

What started as 4 musicians with black polo necks and a wig has evolved into The Bootleg Beatles’ lauded show which combines note-perfect renditions of Beatles repertoire, spectacular costume changes and a visually stunning video backdrop. The Bootleg Beatles faithfully re-create 6 phases of the Beatles meteoric rise from a basement (The cavern in Liverpool) to a rooftop (The famous Apple concert in 1969) via Shea Stadium, Sgt Pepper and the Magical mystery tour.

Bootlegs Albert Pepper 16
After 31 years portraying John in the Bootleg Beatles, Neil Harrison announced his intetion to retire from performing in January 2011. Following an intensive audition process, and much media speculation, in July 2011 the Bootleg Beatles announced Adam Hastings would don the wigs and glasses in the band. His debut performances with the Bootleg Beatles have been met with rave reviews from fans and critics alike and last July 2014 Andre Barreau retired and after many auditions Stephen Hill was chosen to take on the role of George Harrison together with Steve White (Paul McCartney) & Ringo Starr (Gordon Elsmore)
 Bootlegs Late Bootlegs Pepper Fisheye Bootlegs Waistcoats
Formed from the original cast of London’s West End hits show ‘Beatlemania’ , TheBootlegBeatles have become ‘an institution’ in their own right with their note-perfect recreation of hits from every era of the world’s most famous songbook.
Every tiny detail is meticulously covered from costumes to authentic period instruments; from the ‘Liverpudlian’ banter to their ‘inflectionperfect’ vocalmimicry. But it’s not only their sound that is soa uthentic; they bear anu ncanny resemblance to the Fab Four. As one reviewer recently said…“It’s not John Paul George and Ringo…but you simply won’t believe it.”

There’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in the magic of the Bootleg Beatles – don’t miss a show that was described as “Off-the-scale fabulous” by BBC Radio’s Chris Evans, and “Flawless!” by Mojo Magazine.  You’ll love them – Yeah Yeah Yeah!

The world’s first and finest tribute band, The Bootleg Beatles, continue to thrill audiences performing their acclaimed homage to the Fab Four. The tribute band are touring the Philippines throughout July and will be stopping off in Manila on July 12, 2016 – (venue to be announced), next stop Davao on July 15, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, & and last stop will be in Cebu on July 16, 2016 at Waterfront Hotel. Tickets will be available soon.

Ticket Prices for Bootleg Beatles(NPAT)
Php 7,500.00 SVIP
Php 6,500.00 VIP
Php 5,000.00 Gold
Php 4,000.00 Silver
Php 2,500.00 Deluxe
Php 1,000.00 General Admission

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