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Linggo, Agosto 14, 2016

PODEE launch @ Dusit thani Makati Hotel: "When your two hands are not enough"


       I have always been a fan of anything that will make things easier for me and for my family. When I first heard about Podee I got excited! Podee means feeding my two babies, niela and kael while I do other task I need to finish for the day. Cool! Right?!

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a welcome solution to today’s busy, on-the-go parents. When it comes to feeding your baby, there is no better hands-free option.

Last August 6th mommy bloggers were invited to the launch of Podee baby botttle in Dusit Thani Hotel! I am lucky to be a part of this event. It gave me more knowlegde about best things to do to make sure I am bottle feeding my kids correctly and things to avoid aspiration.

Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol (emergency resident physician gave a talk regarding safety tips for bottle feeding babies and avoiding infant aspiration.

Mandatory selfie

ootd kuno lol!

These girls performed for us. They are from Halili school of Ballet! They are so lovely!

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a complete system that includes an 8-ounce BPA-Free baby bottle and all the necessary parts. It ends dropped bottles and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic. Parents have found it to be very reliable in feeding infants with challenges as well. Our parents love to use the Podee® baby bottle in strollers, car seats and bouncies; or whenever they need an extra hand.

Our unique, adaptive flow system allows the baby to manage the pacing and amount of flow with ease, making feeding time with the Podee bottle, always a pleasure.

Even Oprah had immediate success with the Podee bottle when she helped a mother of 4-month old quadruplets during feeding time on her show.

Podee baby bottles are BPA-Free and Lead-Free.

Upon arriving home I let this little lady try Podee! 

My little Niela enjoying her new Podee Bottle!

This event was made possible by MINDSET ADVANCE TRAINING INC. and TAG MEDIA.

Thanks to our sponsors for this event:
Fern-C Kids, Zoomanity Group, Treetop Adventure, Ascento, Halili School of Ballets & MStudio.

Be Podee's Brand Ambassador!

Contest Mechanic:

1. Buy and try Podee bottle
2. Take a photo of your baby using Podee Bottle
3.Upload your best photo to Facebook
4. Use hashtag #Podeebabaypic #PodeeHandsFreeBottle #Mindset #TagMedia

Sending of entries satrts on Ausgust 6 until August 31, 2016


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