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Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2016

Learning Bee Tutorial Center's Open House!

          Last July 16th, I was invited to attend an open house of a Tutorial Center in addition hills San Juan City. I attended the launch with Niela. It was one fun afternoon so even if I went to this event after work and with no sleep, I enjoyed it still. The teachers were very attentive to the students needs and requests. Niela had so much fun! Ayaw nya na umalis sa play area LOL. The school location was a bit tago and medyo mahirap hanapin but the Tutorial Center itself was very clean, fresh and super cold sa loob. They have different types of educational toys that kids and kids at heart can play with. The Tutorial Center offers tutorials from toddlers to college! They have cooking lesson, drawing lessons and more.

     Here are some of our pictures.

The Learning BEE's Mascot!



Of all teachers, I love Teacher Stephanie so much because she is very accomodating! All kids got the chance to create their artworks with her help. I am very glad that Niela stopped playing for a while then made her 1st artwork with teacher Stephanie. They made a cloud with rainbow out of cotton and some colored papers. 

Niela and Teacher Stephanie!

Nini and Niela with the Owner and the Teachers of Learning Bee Tutotial Center.

Our overall experience was very great! I hope to bring Niela and Kyla to their tutorial lessons soon.

Niela and her 1st ARTWORK, A cloud with rainbow! :)
Mommy Dane

Miyerkules, Setyembre 21, 2016

Apartel’s Music Video Launch at Victoria Court.

Last saturday, September 17, 2016 I attended the Launch of Ely Buendia's new Band APARTEL @ Victoria Court Malate. Ely buendia formed a new group with Jay Ortega and some other artist and they call the Band Apartel. I was very happy being a part of the launch. It was one awesome night! 

Victoria Court is always on the lookout for out-of-the box events and the launching of Apartel's music video is definitely one of them. Apartel, a new super-group formed by legendary Eraserheads front man and songwriter Ely Buendia, alongside co-conspirator and founder, Gnash/DRT front-man, and songwriter Jay Ortega has just launched their first ever single entitled “Is It Hip?”. When we heard the single and the entire album of the band, we knew both brands fit like a glove. 

With my friend, colleague and co blogger Grace!

Apartel's sexy sound launched in Manila's sexiest drive-in hotel? Mix in alcohol, oh boy, we're in for a treat!

This one-of-a-kind event infuses sight, sound and taste, which is distinctly the Victoria Court way. The Victoria Court Malate Party Wing was transformed into an intimate concert area for Apartel's guests where they can eat, drink and dance the night away.

Why Victoria Court and Apartel?

It’s a marriage made in LOVERS HEAVEN!! Apartel’s music in layman’s terms is all about love, love making, and late night calls. Something Victoria Court has always owned and been known for. 

Apartel’s music is classy and a definite cut above the rest… what with a full horn section, percussions, back up singers, the core band, and the 2 commanding front men, Ely and Jay performing in full on suits… It’s something the local music scene has not experienced before. Victoria Court has always been regarded as a pioneering place where people with a sense of class gravitate to and frequent and could very well be Apartel’s home.

While I was trying to check on my freebies Prinsipe Kael was checkin out with me! 

This shirt I got from Apartel!

Key words that lock in Apartel and Victoria Court - check in, trip out. Both brands are alluring, sensual, funky, and groovy...      

once you check in; you're sure to trip out.

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your launch!



Linggo, Setyembre 4, 2016

Kael's sleeping pattern.

     I am writing this blog post REAL TIME!! YES, I said it right! Real time! Gising na gising pa din kami ni kael. I wonder why his sleeping pattern stayed almost the same from the date I gave birth to him, parang laging night shift. I wanted to train him na mag sleep sa gabi because I work at night meaning si didi lang ang mg aalaga sa kanya and didi works early in the morning 5am ang pasok nya. Imagine how he deals with kael everyday! Goshhhh! Now, I fully underdtand why he is always sleepy sa umaga hahahah sadyang makulit pala si kael sa gabi. I honestly do no know na ganto sya pag gabi coz few weeks ago I can pacify him with breastfeeding, he will calm down and sleep pag nakadede na sya sakin but this week is different, maybe because he is sick at masyado syang clingy.
 It would have been okay if smile smile lang sya kaso later on ayaw nya na magpalapag at iyak ng iyak. He would not take my breast as well gusto karga lang.
 Imagine a 6 months old baby doing this every night, I dont think this is going to be healthy in the long run. We will visit his pedia later and I will make sure to discuss this with her.
 Kayo mommies did you experience this? How did you deal with it? How did u resolve it? I hope you can help me!
 Thanks in advance! I hope to hear it from u!

@ 03:57 am knock out na si Kael! Finally! Kakaloka this baby. Shoutout kay didi na gabi gabi nakakaexperience ng ganito! Thank you for being patient with kael! You are truly amazing! We love you didi! 

Ohhhh sya, sasabayan ko na muna meme ni kael para mamaya I wont be too sleepy! Good mornight mga momshie!  

Lovelots: MOMMY DANE :)

Sabado, Setyembre 3, 2016

Nutri 10 Plus by Wert Philippines!

   Since the day my kids became 3, I became busier. Busier that sometimes I tend to forget things that I need to do. I'd have to make reminders of tasks I need to do for the day to make sure I won't forget any. Everyday errands would include reminders like,

       * Cut nails, clean ear & check teeth. {kyla, niela and kael}
       * Check ate's Diary
       * Vitamins for Kyla and Niela      
                                                                 and so on.,.,.,.

   Those are my top 3 priorities for my everyday task, I should never forget them. The 3rd reminder says Vitamins for Kyla and Niela. I wanna make sure that they get the best vitamins that will help in boosting their appetites, will give them brighter minds, will keep them away for sickness, will make them healthier and of course something they will love to drink on a daily basis. When Wert Philippines sent me this package, I was very happy. My kids can try out a new vitamins that they may love because of its Ponkan flavor.

     Thank you Wert Philippines nd Mommy Blogger Philippines for this 3 months supply of Vitamins for Ate Kyla and Niela.

cutie Niela

Kyla and Niela started drinking this Nutri 10 plus today! I am very that I did'nt have a hard time convincing Niela to drink it. The pictures show! Right? I am hoping for the best results. I will surely tell you my review of Nutri 10 plus soon!

           Just like every mommy out there! I wanna make sure my kids get the right nutrition they need! I hope that Nutri 10 plus will give us good results!

Mommy Dane :)