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Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2016

Learning Bee Tutorial Center's Open House!

          Last July 16th, I was invited to attend an open house of a Tutorial Center in addition hills San Juan City. I attended the launch with Niela. It was one fun afternoon so even if I went to this event after work and with no sleep, I enjoyed it still. The teachers were very attentive to the students needs and requests. Niela had so much fun! Ayaw nya na umalis sa play area LOL. The school location was a bit tago and medyo mahirap hanapin but the Tutorial Center itself was very clean, fresh and super cold sa loob. They have different types of educational toys that kids and kids at heart can play with. The Tutorial Center offers tutorials from toddlers to college! They have cooking lesson, drawing lessons and more.

     Here are some of our pictures.

The Learning BEE's Mascot!



Of all teachers, I love Teacher Stephanie so much because she is very accomodating! All kids got the chance to create their artworks with her help. I am very glad that Niela stopped playing for a while then made her 1st artwork with teacher Stephanie. They made a cloud with rainbow out of cotton and some colored papers. 

Niela and Teacher Stephanie!

Nini and Niela with the Owner and the Teachers of Learning Bee Tutotial Center.

Our overall experience was very great! I hope to bring Niela and Kyla to their tutorial lessons soon.

Niela and her 1st ARTWORK, A cloud with rainbow! :)
Mommy Dane

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