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Sabado, Setyembre 3, 2016

Nutri 10 Plus by Wert Philippines!

   Since the day my kids became 3, I became busier. Busier that sometimes I tend to forget things that I need to do. I'd have to make reminders of tasks I need to do for the day to make sure I won't forget any. Everyday errands would include reminders like,

       * Cut nails, clean ear & check teeth. {kyla, niela and kael}
       * Check ate's Diary
       * Vitamins for Kyla and Niela      
                                                                 and so on.,.,.,.

   Those are my top 3 priorities for my everyday task, I should never forget them. The 3rd reminder says Vitamins for Kyla and Niela. I wanna make sure that they get the best vitamins that will help in boosting their appetites, will give them brighter minds, will keep them away for sickness, will make them healthier and of course something they will love to drink on a daily basis. When Wert Philippines sent me this package, I was very happy. My kids can try out a new vitamins that they may love because of its Ponkan flavor.

     Thank you Wert Philippines nd Mommy Blogger Philippines for this 3 months supply of Vitamins for Ate Kyla and Niela.

cutie Niela

Kyla and Niela started drinking this Nutri 10 plus today! I am very that I did'nt have a hard time convincing Niela to drink it. The pictures show! Right? I am hoping for the best results. I will surely tell you my review of Nutri 10 plus soon!

           Just like every mommy out there! I wanna make sure my kids get the right nutrition they need! I hope that Nutri 10 plus will give us good results!

Mommy Dane :)


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