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Linggo, Oktubre 16, 2016

Our Amo Yamie Crib experience!

I am a fan of anything fancy! Anything that is in the rage and anything that will grab someone's attention, when I learned about Amo Yamie Crib I got excited to tr it out! I saw pictures of their Shakes and other products that made me more excited. Finally, after a few months of waiting I got to try it out with the Fambam.

  The location was good, it was easy to find. They have different rooms but we were only able to try one, kasi the room that we entered looks very nice na, e could'nt ask for more though I dd'nt know at first that there are other rooms we can go to.

 I'll rate them with the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

 Here is my rating:
  Cleanliness - 7 It was clean yun lang nothing more nothing less haha! Nothing very special when it comes to that.

  Waiting time - 4 It took them over 30 minutes to serve everything. Ang tagal!!!! I know they have lots of customer's but I was hoping that they have forcasted that because of their location saka very known sila at in the rage now a day. We ordered smores but when we ate super dried na sya because it took them so long to serve the orders. I know they can always find way to be better and I am hoping that the next time we visit them mas mabilis na silang mag serve ng food!

 The food and shakes - 8 All in all we enjoyed our meal, we were happy with our orders and the variety of shakes the have. The presentation itself will make you say "WOW". The shakes were not nakakasawa, Kyla and Niela enjoyed it very much.

The Place - 8 The ambience of the place was very relaxing and peaceful, when we entered the place natuwa ang mga kids because the set up was like a mini doll house with littles stairs and windows in each unit, ang cute cute, they can't stop choosing kung san kami talaga uupo, hahahaa!! Thumbs up for their interior designs ang galing ng ng isip!.

caution: Photo overload!! I no longer remember the price but it's not expensive sakto lang sa bulsa.!

Niela with Lola Vecvec

yummy smores that dried up because of the waiting game! LOL

with my Pretty Aunt Victoria! 

This cutiepie having a photo opt sa bintana ng balur hahah

my girls!
my boys!!

 time to go home ate, stop taking photos na! haha

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