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Miyerkules, Oktubre 26, 2016

Vita Cubes FUN day!

         Vita Cubes is a Delicious fruit-flavored jelly candy that is high in vitamins and minerals needed by growing children; It comes in 2 pack sizes, one with 5 different flavors per pack and the other individually wrapped jelly candy. It's yummy, it's good, it's Vita Cubes!

I was one of the lucky moms who were invited to attend the Vita Cubes event at Active Fun Bgc. It was a date for me and my 2 girls kyla and niela.

kyla and niela's ootd
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    It's was so unfortunate that we came in a bit late, we did'nt get the chance to join the games where you'll get great prizes!

The venue was filled with colorful balloons and designs that children and moms loved! 

/My girls enjoying their yummy food!

I was very happy to meet one of my favorite mommy bloggers Mommy Topaz! I hope to see you again and I hope we would get the chance to have a little chitchat hehe.

with mommy blogger Grace

The event was very nice. Upon arrival you will be given a passport the event that includes photobooth stub, food stub for mommy and kids, cake booth and Vita cubes goodies!

Picture with the moms of MOMMY Blogger philippines 
Overall it was 1 fun fun day! We enjoyed every single minute while we were at the Vita cubes fun day! 

This little girl was very jolly the whole afternoon, she kept on going back to the table of Vita cubes candies! Hahaah! She kept on asking for more! I just love the fact that Niela likes Vita cubes so much! No more hassle in giving her vitamins.

I will share this Vita cubes goodies to some of my mommy friends so they can let their kids try it!

Nini, Ate kyla and Niela!

With my makulilit friendship nedy

Walkaton after the event!

Someone got tired after a playful afternoon! Haaha

Thank you much Vita cubes for allowing us to be a part of this fun event! Thank you also to mommy blogger Philippines!

Mommy Dane☺


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