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Sabado, Nobyembre 12, 2016

Travel Book Ph's 1st blogger affiliate get together @ The Legend Villas!

   I was very excited to join the Travel Book Ph's 1st blogger affiliate get together @ The Legend Villas, so even if I attended the event straight from work with no SLEEP I still enjoyed every bit of it! It was a morning to afternoon event that was filled with so much fun, games, prizes and laughter! There were different group of bloggers who attended the event!

 It was my 1st time to visit The Legend Villas! I was very amazed with the interiors! It looks very classy and I love the Christmas looks! I was very happy to be there! I always look at it everyday, I have always admired how it looks like! Maybe because I always pass by The Legend Villas everyday going home, or maybe because I have always fantasize my dream wedding in The Legend Villas! I love there wedding packages and the fabulous set up! Kinikilig tuloy ako! Hahaha! I wish, I wish that we will have enough ipon to make our dream wedding happen in The Legend Villas! haha!!! shhhhhh!! enough of the legend villas muna. Let me share 1st how the get together went.

   I was one of the early birds in the event. I got to meet the pretty ladies of travel book ph! Ang gaganda nila! Mana po sila sakin! LOL! Sayang coz I did'nt get the chance to take a photo with each and all of them. Special mention to Pia and Toni, they were the ones who introduced travel book ph to me.

  Thank you Toni for being patient in teaching me how to add widgets in my site.

    Upon entrance you will be given goodies from travel book and from Travel Book ph's generous sponsors!

Then we had games with lovely prizes. Everyone was very competitive and everyone made sure to be the best to win the games! 
Ms. Carla from The Legend Villas gave us a quick introduction of The Legend Villas! How they started, where they started and what services they offer.

After the introduction we were given a tour to the whole facilities of The Legend Villas! I can't contain my happiness seeing each and every room they have! In my mind I was wishing to stay in those clean, spacious and beautiful rooms! When I saw there function rooms, I immediately dreamed of my wedding day! Lol! Maybe because I've seen so much elegant, beautiful and grand wedding set up by The Legend Villas!

(Please bear with my almost unlimited photos, I just cant contain my amazement with how The Legend Villas looks like!)

With the Pretty and sexy Ms. Karen!


Can I sleep here with Didi and the Kids? That will be a whole lot of fun!!!!!!

After the lovely tour! We were given a sumptious lunch by the pool!!!!! There were a variety of food! Everyone of each tastes so good lalo na yung kare kare! Pinoy na pinoy ang lasa! Thank u for the Super sarap na food The Legend Villas! I hope that the next time I'll eat @ Lola Maria's I am with team Andres para mas masaya at mas mabusog not just me but my whole family 👪! 

The pool looks so inviting that I wanted to take a dip even if wala pa kong tulog! Hahaha! I'd like to try the Jacuzzi as well! Yay! Chill mode on once you are here.

One of the best things about The Legend Villas is that they have very clean, mabango and fully aircondition rest rooms! Kahit ata dito nalang ako matulog! Hahaah!

To top it all my overall experience with the  Travel Book Ph's 1st blogger affiliate get together @ The Legend Villas was 100% amazing, lovely and wonderful! I am honestly hoping for more!

Thank you to every blogger I met in this get together, Thank you to the Business Development Department of Travel Book Ph 
Ms. Sharah Pinky Librada
Ms. Pia Bernaldo
Ms. Karen Luminario
Ms. Steffi Manikan
Ms. Cy Penol and Ms. Liway De Leon. You girls are all awesome! Thank you to Ms. Carla Gregorio, Sales OIC of The Legend Villas for making sure that each and everyone us was comfortable and happy with our stay. 
Most of all, Thank you to Travel book ph and all its generous sponsors! You made all the bloggers very happy that day! I am wishing for more! More powers to you!

With loves of Love ❤❤❤❤❤
Mommy Dane 👧

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