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Sabado, Enero 28, 2017

What made me cry on Christmas Day!

 Christmas will always be one of the Best Days of my Year! I always look forward for Christmas Day!

   Everybody is Happy on Christmas Day, it is the day were everyone is very generous, the day of sharing and gift giving. We always start our Christmas Day with a Christmas Mass with the whole family.

    Our family picture for Christmas 2016 though were a bit incomplete heje..

After mass, mamamasko na mga kids. We would go to their ninongs and ninangs. From one place to another, daming pagod pagkatapos.

After going to their ninongs and ninangs we went to my aunt's house to have some rest. For some time ate kyla and my younger sister tita puray were missing. We checked them everywhere but we did'nt find them. After 30 minutes or so they went back and Ate Kyla handed us gifts. Ang daming gifts, I asked her para kanino yun and she said gifts nia daw for us.

Thank you ate for your generosity!

Ate kyla, Niela and my younger siste tita puray who also bought gifts for our Mama and Papa!!

 My gift ako, si didi, si niela and Kael. This made me cry!! The fact that she spent some of her Christmas money to buy us gifts made me tickled pink! 

Ate kyla is only 10 years old, I thought I should not expect so much from her kasi baby pa sya for us. I know that Christmas is really a day for gift giving pero mas masaya pala at super nakakaiyak pag anak mo na ang magbibigay ng regalo sau! It felt way different from receiving gifts from other people! Ate bought toys and slippers for niela and kael. Thank u Ate!

One more thing about ate's gift for us, I know that she knows us very well, hindi lang sya basta bumili ng gift for us. She made sure that it's something we will love!!!

It was'nt just a simple gift for me ang bongga kasi couple shirt with very awesome design yung gift nia samin ni didi. I love couple shirts so much! Yung mga terno terno, bet ko talaga yan! The shirt maybe too fitted for me haahaha but I love it so much!

Nini and didi wearing ate's gift! Cute no?  Lakas maka teenager ng peg! Haha!

Eto talaga yung high light ng Christmas 2016 ko. Eto yung nakapagpaiyak sakin, Iloveyou Ate! Ikaw momshie? What made you cry on Christmas day? I'd love to hear it from you!
Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mga momshie! 

Thanks for dropping by!